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Empower Solar

Save from Day 1

Own your power

Zero down solar financing

NO lease

NO lien on home

25 Year full warranty

Payment less than
current electric bill

Cash Solar

Most lifetime savings

Own your power

Upfront purchase

No interest charges

Fully transferable

25 Year full warranty

Most savings over
25 years

Solar panels are the median by which private electricity generation has skyrocketed in the United States

We are part of this revolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
Every system design is custom made to your specific situation. We must factor in your roof’s solar potential, your home’s consumption trends, and available federal incentives for us to determine your actual “cost”.

In most situations, a huge chunk of the cost isn’t even something you have to pay. But for curiosity sake, our average systems range from $12,000-$20,000.

Contact us to provide you with a specific cost for your home.

Will I still get an electric bill?
Yes, you will still receive a piece of paper every month from your utility company. However now, you will only be billed for the electricity your solar panels weren’t able to produce.

For example:
If your home consumes 1000KWH for the month
and your system produces 800KWH for the month,
Your electric bill will be for the leftover 200KWH.

Depending on the Net Metering policy in place in your city, you might even end up with negative charges if your system outproduces your consumption!

How do I get power at night?
When your panels aren’t producing, you’re still hooked up to the power grid and your local electric company, so you still get electricity.

The point of going solar, if the numbers work out well (and they do for most people) is that over the course of every month (and the whole year), your solar array will produce enough energy to offset all (or close to all) your daytime and nighttime usage in full.

Your savings will start from day one in comparison to what you were paying before, but will be HUGE when you finish paying off your system.

Do you do your own installations?
Yes. Always count on seeing ME Solar shirts the day of your installation. We don’t outsource any of our work to maintain our own high standards.

How long do solar panels last?
ModernEra panels are always top-of-the-industry Tier-1 rated panels, carefully chosen for the lowest possible degradation rate compared to the huge amount of substandard panels flooding the market.

Advanced testing by manufacturers shows panels go strong for 25-30 years, which doesn’t mean they suddenly shut down or stop working. they keep generating electricity for potentially decades longer!

At the 25-30 year mark, the power production has simply declined by what manufacturers consider a “significant amount” – around 85% of their initial production capacity.

Oh and did we also mention they’re very aesthetically pleasing?

Go check out our installation portfolio!

Will solar increase my home value?
Having a solar array gives you some spectacular advantages. First, your home can be officially listed as a “green, home,” and green homes sell, on average, twice as fast as traditional houses!

In terms of your home’s increased value, dollar for dollar, once you’ve sold your home you could recover all your initial system investment.

How does solar work?
In a nutshell, you currently buy 100% of your electricity consumption (KWH) from your utility company at a rate you don’t control. (Kinda like when you go pump gas you don’t control the price per gallon but you fill up anyways because you need it)

With a solar array installed, most of the electricity you were charged for before will now be produced with solar. Reducing your dependency from your utility company and their ever-increasing rates.

If you decide to go with our Empower Solar option, your loan payment on your system will replace a huge (if not all) of your current electric bill and you’ll start saving you money from day 1. Then when you pay off the system you will be left with very minuscule bills to your utility company and a self sustainable, green home!

If you decide our Cash Solar option, you pay the system upfront and in return you’ll start saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every year from your utility bill.

Set up a consultation with us to see which option is best for you!

What is net metering?
Net Metering is an interconnection agreement between you and your local utility company.

This allows all the excess electricity to be sent back into the power grid instead of an external battery. Your regular meter is switched out with a bi-directional meter that is able to read electricity flowing in and out of your home. At the end if the month you’ll simply pay for the electricity your solar panels were’t able to produce, if any.

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